About us

about us 

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Who We Are

A Platforms services that offer to help other students, we connect them to achieve the A PLUS degree , Aplus started as one student offering to help his friend in subjects they did not understand or a research paper they need help to search for , friends got the degree they deserve and became an expert in APLUSSTUDENT.



  • Let you find the right tutor in the right time
  • Focus on User Experience: Only with a few simple steps,
  • Student can choose a suitable provider to get things done.


It sounds simple, but is actually the result of countless hours of research for the right TUTOR which will help you on the right subject .

Easy to use: student can easily post related projects, monitor till everything’s completed. They can also discuss with sellers TUTOR to add extra services to match their requirements.

High quality providers: APLUSSTUDENT offers you beautifully-crafted profile page as well as monetizable tool to help TUTOR attract more STUDENT. No professional presentation skills needed.

Smooth transaction: Different payment methods and gateways are provided, from USA to EU to Asia.TO africa

Easy customization: PROJECTS has a minimal and content-focused design to make it easier for further customization.

Create a safe & reliable BIDDING platform

Trustful reviews: TUTORS get review only from STUDENTS who experience their services.

Service reputation: Accept and see the reputation of a TUTORS in order to find the best fit.

Easy order tracking: We build interactive Conversation inbox and Dashboard so both students and tutors can easily track the status of each order.

Resolve any disputes: We build a dispute system that AplusStudent can arbitrate and make sure of the platform’s reliability.

Secured: We make sure users are always protected with secure login and payment process.

Post your projects

Post your project and get the best results.

Pick a TUTOR

Choose from BEST BIDS and pick your favorite one.

Get it done

Pay through our safe and reliable system. And get stuff done from people who love what they do.