Terms of service

AplusStudent.net a Freelancer platform for services performed by its users.

Please read the Terms of Service carefully before you start to use the Site. By using the Site, opening an account or by clicking to accept or agree to the Terms of Service when this option is made available to you, you accept and agree to be bound and abide by these Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy, found Here incorporated herein by reference. If you do not want to agree to these Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy, you must not access or use the Site. For more detailed policies surrounding the activity and usage on the Site,

This Site is offered and available to users who are 13 years of age or older. If you are under 13 you may not use this Site or the AplusStudent services. By using this Site, you represent and warrant that you are of legal age to form a binding contract with the Company and meet all of the foregoing eligibility requirements. If you do not meet all of these requirements, you must not access or use the Site.

Our Customer Support team is available 24/7 if you have any questions regarding the Site or Terms of Service. Contacting our Customer Support team can be performed by contacting us at Info@aplusstudent.net

Key Terms

Post Project are services offered in AplusStudent.net

Tutors: are sellers who offer and perform services through AplusStudent.net

Student (employee) : are registered users who purchase services through AplusStudent.net directly from tutors.

Bids: are the formal agreement between a student and tutor after acceptance made from the student.

Disputes (close) are disagreements experienced during an order between a student and tutor on AplusStudent.net.

Disputes (discontinue) are disagreements experienced during an order between a student and tutor on AplusStudent.net.

Credit Balance is the money earned or credited.

Available Balance is cleared revenue from completed orders to withdraw or use to purchase orders.

Reviews: is a feedback from student after their order is completed only.

Main Terms

  • Only registered users may bid and accept on AplusStudent.net Registration is free.
  • Bids on AplusStudent may be offered at a base starting price of $5. Some bids are starting at a base price of more than $5 as determined by the student.
  • Student pay AplusStudent.net in advance to create an order
  • Bids are purchased through the Accept button.
  • Tutors must fulfill their projects, and may not cancel orders on a regular basis or without cause. Cancelling orders will affect sellers’ reputation and status.
  • Sellers gain account statuses (reviews) based on their performance and reputation.
  • Users may not offer or accept payments using any method other than placing an Projects through AplusStudent.net
  • Students are granted all rights for the delivered work, unless otherwise specified by the Tutor.


  • Tutor bids on student’s projects to allow student to purchase their services.
  • Each project you won and successfully complete, accredits your account with a net revenue of 65% of the purchase amount.
  • AplusStudent accredits sellers once an order is completed within 14 days.
  • Available Balance are only made available for withdrawal from the Credits page following a safety clearance period of 7 days after the order is marked as complete.
  • AplusStudent reserve the rights to terminate access to certain users if these users abuse or misuse AplusStudent’s website


  • Tutor are allowed to Bid a unlimited amount of active project.
  • To withdraw your available balance, you must click on the designated withdrawal provider to initiate the withdrawal process
  • Withdrawals are final and cannot be undone. We will not be able to refund or change this process once it has begun.
  • Withdrawal fees vary depending on the withdrawal provider / method.
  • Students may not offer direct payments to tutor using payment systems outside of the AplusStudent.net Order system

Withdrawal Fees

PayPal 2.9% of the sum withdrawal amount up to $1 For a list of PayPal services by country click here

Important notice regarding fees:

The fees listed above are PayPal’s or MasterCard’s fees. These are not fees charged by AplusStudent.net.


  • AplusStudent does not automatically refund payments made for cancelled orders back to your payment provider. Funds from order cancellations are refunded to the buyer’s balance as credit and are available for future purchases on AplusStudent. Funds returned to your balance from cancelled orders.


Users may receive a warning to their account for violations of our Terms of Service or any user misconduct reported to our support team. A warning will be sent to the user’s email address and will be displayed for such user on the Site. Warnings do not limit account activity, but can lead to your account losing seller statuses or becoming permanently disabled based on the severity of the violation.

General Terms

  • AplusStudent reserves the right to put any account on hold or permanently disable accounts due to breach of these terms of service or due to any illegal or inappropriate use of the Site or services.
  • Violation of AplusStudent’s Terms of Service may get your account disabled permanently.
  • Users with disabled accounts will not be able to sell or buy on AplusStudent.
  • Tutors will be able to withdraw their revenues from disabled accounts after a safety period of 90 days following full verification of ownership of the account in question, from the day of the last cleared payment received in their account and subject to AplusStudent.net approval.
  • AplusStudent may make changes to its Terms of Service from time to time. When these changes are made, AplusStudent will make a new copy of the terms of service available on this page.
  • You understand and agree that if you use AplusStudent after the date on which the Terms of Service have changed, AplusStudent will treat your use as acceptance of the updated Terms of Service.
  • We receive the rights to refuse or cancel certain orders at sellers sole discretion.
  • AplusStudent’s contents and trademarks are exclusive property